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Project 02

Rimekni - start-up new collection drops  - launch planned summer 2022

About Rimekni 

Rimekni is a totally independent Belgian brand based in Brussels,  

Each one of us is unique, for this reason they have decided to highlight the difference in each one of us and thus number each product. With the purchase of a Rimekni product you will get a unique number next to the label. Nobody will ever have the same number of the same product. Be unique.

Rimekni is aware of the environmental impact that fashion has on the planet. This is the reason why every decision made aims to be as sustainable as possible from the seed to the packaging and the parcel you receive, everything is thought out so that no plastic is used.

They believe that customers have the right to know where and how their products are made. They only work with GOT-certified organic cotton or recycled material.  they only work with factories who are completely transparent about the origin of the cotton and the Fair Trade certified factories they work with. The most important things are the trust and transparency with every single one of their partners.


* coaching for start-up collection

* sourcing materials

* sourcing European suppliers 

* technical sheets & gradations

* launch & follow-up for collection 

* launch and follow-up for production


Fashion Development coach

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